Hiring a mover can seem like something other, wealthier people do. Some even call it a status symbol, while others have simpler reasons for skimping when it comes time to move – “I have friends, I don’t need movers,” they say.

But when is it time to stop calling on friends to do your dirty work and finally hire a mover?

The Apartment Therapy blog touched on this subject, and the post is worth a read if only for the comments, which include this gem: “movers are for people that actually LIKE their friends :).”

But even though we’re in the business of moving people, we know that not everyone needs a moving company in Chicago.

But let’s say you’re 32 years old. You have a real job, some real furniture, and a few valuables, and it’s time to move into a new place. If you haven’t moved into the realm of hiring pros by now, you’ve probably leaned on friends and family at least a handful of times, if not a dozen or so. Can you go back to the well?

It’s no big deal to ply your friends with beer and pizza when you’re 22 and need help lugging your books down the stairs again, but when you’re 32 it may be a different story. Here’s a helpful 3-point guide.

The No-brainer

If your belongings fit in a compact car, do it yourself, and maybe call on a favor to move your bed and a few large items.

Chicago Moving Purgatory

When you live in a studio it’s a tough call. A studio means you probably don’t have a bunch of major belongings like dressers, heavy furniture, or appliances. Everything you own will likely fit in about half a moving truck unless you’re a hoarder. This probably means you just need a friend or two, but it’s going to take a while.

You have to consider the stairs. Moving in Chicago often means moving from a second, third, or fourth-floor apartment. Running a few dozen trips down the stoop isn’t a big thing to ask. Trudging up and down three flights of winding staircases is quite another. At the very least, you should be throwing your friends some cash in this case, and buying the good beer!

The Time to Hire Professional Chicago Movers

If you own appliances, hire a mover. This goes beyond the convenience factor and into the investment factor. If you’re at the point where you’re taking refrigerators, stoves, or a washer and dryer with you, you’ve made some pretty solid investments that should be put in the care of a professional.

It’s one thing to go through the stress of having to persuade your friends to help, it’s quite another to then get angry when they slam appliances into your new walls, staircases, or countertops. Do you really want to be in that situation?


What You Save When You Hire A Mover

When it comes time to move, we fret about inconveniencing our friends, but what about yourself? What is your time worth?

Would you prefer to save a few hundred dollars by calling on friends? Or would you rather save a day’s worth of time for you and several hours for all of your friends when you hire a mover? Not to mention several arguments, uncomfortable conversations, and the hassle of renting, driving, and returning a rental truck.

Now imagine you’ve hired a great moving company in Chicago who you can trust. What’s it worth to you to have that day, or multiple days, back? Can you spend that time working and making money? Can you spend it setting up your new home or apartment by squaring away cable hookups, gas, and electric, or unpacking as others move the boxes?

Better yet, what’s it worth to you to not have arguments with friends and family about how to move your furniture and get it up the steps to the new place? And when you have a favor to call in from your friends, do you really want to use it up on moving?

Not every move requires a moving company, but when you add up the real costs of moving, you may find that it’s a cheaper alternative than you thought. As another commenter on that Apartment Therapy blog wrote, “once you’ve hired that job out, you can never go back.”

How about you, when did you finally make the call to hire movers and spare your friends? Or do you still ply them with beer and pizza?