Is moving in the winter a good idea?

Well, yes it is.

And no, I’m not crazy. Moving in the winter in Chicago is actually a great idea. If you have the luxury of being able to plan your move in advance, consider steering clear of the obvious summer months and look into the benefits of moving in the winter. Here’s why.

4 Reasons Moving in the Winter is a Good Idea

1. More rental openings at lower costs

The months of June through August are the busiest months for Chicago apartment hunting, especially because of the new slew of graduates in Chicago, a city full of colleges.

Around 90,000 people graduate from college every summer and many are looking for a new place! Craigslist acquires a flood of want ads for roommates and it seems like there’s a new apartment opening around every corner.

The downfall? With every opening you run across, another one closes. The timeframe is difficult to manage and it ends up feeling like another full-time job to find an affordable apartment in the location that you want.

2. Moving company costs are lowerwinter moving company

Winter months may have fewer selections, but because the demand for housing is down there is more room to negotiate price and improvements. Your stress levels will be down and you won’t feel as much pressure to sign a lease immediately.

More than 30 million Americans move every summer, thus the need for moving support is heightened. Because winter is an “off-season” for professional moving companies in Chicago, prices can be up to much lower than in the summer months.

3. Moving dates are more flexible

Did you know that July 1 is the most popular moving day of the year?

Because of this, professional movers are much more difficult to secure, especially without advanced planning. Moving in the winter months allows for moving date flexibility with shorter notice.

4. Safety

Despite the notion that roads will be worse because of weather conditions, choosing to relocate in the winter can actually be safer and faster. During the summer months, millions of cars, RVs and trucks are traveling the roads due to vacations, free time and school breaks. Furthermore, summer is also the busiest time for trucking companies. In colder seasons, roads are less busy resulting in shorter and safer commutes, and easier loading and unloading.

So there you have it, moving in winter offers a lot of advantages. Consider it the next time you’re planning a big move!

Jessica Funcannon is a Social Media Community Manager at Lightspan Digital, a Chicago social media companyFuncannon moved to the city in the summer of 2012, taking a crash course in apartment hunting that sent her to the Edgewater neighborhood she loves. You can follow her on Twitter @jfuncannon or connect with her on Google+.