When you pack jewelry for a move, you want to take special care. For many, jewelry tops the list of most valuable items. Whether it’s your engagement ring, a family heirloom or your favorite bangle bracelets, one thing is for sure: you want all these items to arrive safe and sound at your new home. Here’s how to pack jewelry for a move.

Option 1: Pack a Jewelry Box

If you already own a jewelry box, you do not have to remove your jewelry to get it safely to its destination.

  • Remove any items you’ll want to use on moving day.

  • Wrap any breakable or scratchable jewelry (like watches) in tissue paper.

  • Make sure each piece is snuggly and neatly tucked into the box.

  • Fill up each drawer or compartment with more tissue paper. You should pack it full enough to fill the space but still allow the drawers to open and close. This will keep the jewelry inside secure, and prevent it from shifting around during the move.

  • Wrap small jewelry boxes packing paper and labeled, then you can pack it in a larger box with other items.

  • Wrap large jewelry boxes like furniture with furniture paper and a moving blanket. For a visual how-to, check out this video.

Option 2: DIY Jewelry Packing

If you do not own a jewelry box or prefer to pack it outside a box, there are tons of great DIY tips to keep your jewelry safe, secure, and tangle free.


Necklaces may seem like the trickiest to pack. Any small jostle to their box can result in a huge tangly mess. Place several necklaces in a Ziploc bag with the necklace clasp end hanging out of the top. Zip it tight so everything is snug in the bag, and then roll the bag up to keep it secure. Check out details here.

Want to try a different method? Take a drinking straw (or toilet paper roll for chunky necklaces) and thread the necklace through the opening. Clasping the necklace and the straw or roll will keep your chains from tangling!

Bracelets, rings, watches, earrings, etc.

For all your other jewelry take your leftover bubble wrap and wrap each piece of jewelry securely. Then tape all open ends of the bubble wrap to create a safe pocket for your jewelry.

Don’t have any bubble wrap? You can use a few pairs of pantyhose instead. Cut the hose into small 4-6 inch sections, then use two rubber bands to make small jewelry bags for each item.

And for earrings, take a tip from this video and cut pieces of craft foam to fit a container or box.  Then slip earring backs into the foam, and tape the backs to keep them secure! Only have a few earrings to keep track of? Use a button as an earring holder to keep earring sets together.

To keep track of individually wrapped or bagged jewelry, pack them together with proper padding and labeling.

Keep It Safe

No matter how you decide to pack jewelry you want it to be safe from damage while moving. So how do you ensure that? We recommend that you take all jewelry with you instead of packing it in a moving van. These items often have more importance than simple dollar value, so you will feel much more confident if you take charge of its transport.

Have you found any jewelry packing hacks? Share with us!