The logistics of moving can be overwhelming, especially if you are moving pianos or other large valuables. Even if you hired excellent help and you have organized the numerous tasks before you, it’s a daunting task. So daunting that there’s even a website that publishes crazy and funny piano move stories.

But there’s no need to add worry over your large valuable items to the sea of boxes, changes of address, real estate documents, and school concerns. The process of moving your piano, valuable artwork or other specialty items can be painless and incident-free when you use trained professionals like Bernard Movers.

A Bungled Piano Move is Only Funny in the Cartoons

No doubt, many musicians have been tempted to leave their piano behind when they move because of the stress of transferring it from the old place to the new without causing damage to the instrument or the movers. Pianos can weigh between 400 and 1,200 pounds, depending on their type, and because of the sheer size and the delicacy of the inner workings, it is strongly recommended that piano owners hire trained professionals for the job.

The stakes are simply too high, and even if piano problems are funny in animation, there is nothing amusing about a chipped or broken piano on the other end of a move. A top Chicago mover like Bernard can make the process worry-free, but no matter how expertly a piano is moved, a good tuning is recommended when the piano reaches its new home to ensure proper sound.

Pick a Company that Values the Things You Value

 As one of Chicago’s top moving companies, Bernard’s professionals are well acquainted with the equipment and techniques that make for an effective piano moving, and we’ve seen every complication over years of giving the utmost care to everything from uprights to baby grands.

We recommend the following piano moving techniques:

  • Close and lock the keyboard lid.

  • Wrap the piano in heavy padding with extra padding around the corners. Then tape it securely with packing tape, careful to not make contact with the piano surface.

  • The piano must be delicately shifted unto a heavy-duty furniture dolly. Not every dolly will do.

  • Don’t lift the piano by the legs.

  • Keep the piano upright to not disrupt the inner mechanics.

  • Secure the piano at the back of the truck on wood planks to create a solid level surface.

  • Strap the piano against the truck wall and ensure it’s not moving around.

  • Tune the piano once it is in its new place.


We’ve Got More Packing Tips and Materials…

Bernard Movers will pack your valuable items for you, but if you opt to pack them yourself we will supply you with optimal boxes and packing materials to keep them safe. We have specialized packing tips for a variety of items; for instance, stereos and other electronics should be moved in their own boxes whenever possible, and stained glass, painting, and mirrors should be wrapped generously in paper, placed in a flattened carton, taped up and stood on their edge. Never lay valuable flat items down flat through the packing and moving process.

We Help Make Moving a Pleasure

Again and again, our customers in the south loop area of Chicago report that their dealings with Bernard eased the stress of their move and eliminated their worry about their belongings. No item is too complicated for our experienced movers, and we are eager to help you transport your valuable and specialty items to their new home so that they can be enjoyed and admired there.