Ensure a safe and stress-free move by reviewing these FAQ for Customers:

It is preferable that you are present during the packing of your belongings and imperative that you take responsibility for your jewelry and other high-value items. If possible, please take these items with you. If you must pack these items, know where they are located, and make a descriptive note that you have these items on your Bill of Lading. Furthermore, make sure to sign the inventory of your belongings and do not pack any prohibited items.

The following is a general guideline of prohibited items:

Hazardous Items:

  • Aerosol cans
  • Ammunition
  • Cleaning supplies
  • Flammables
  • Paint
  • Pesticides

High-Value Items (Can be packed, but should be taken with you):

  • Car keys
  • Cash
  • Cell phone
  • Documents
  • Furs
  • Important personal
  • Jewelry
  • Laptop/Computers
  • Precious stones or metal
  • Stocks or bonds
  • Valuable collections


  • Frozen food
  • Open or half used food without adequate preservation
  • Plants
  • Produce
  • Refrigerated food

We do offer the service of transporting your vehicle for out of state moves by placing the vehicle inside the container. We may also make alternate arrangements, please contact your personal moving coordinator to discuss your options.

Of course you may, but be very careful while doing so to ensure no damage is done to the content of the box. Valuation coverage will not protect goods packed by the owner unless there is damage to the exterior of the box. Please make sure to read the section we have dedicated to proper packing techniques .

In addition to loading and unloading the truck, Bernard Movers can assist you in your moving process by disassembling and reassembling your furniture. Furthermore, we can arrange to have multiple stops in your move, as sometimes our clients have additional furniture and belongings in storage, for example. Please speak with your Personal Move Coordinator should you require these services.

You may, but please think about the individuals who are moving you. Heavy items are harder to maneuver and increase the chances of someone getting hurt. In order to keep our crews’ work environment safe, they may take the full drawers out of the dresser and carry them down as separate items, this means the articles inside the drawer will be exposed to the external weather conditions.

The  most forgotten items are the following:

  • Records: Don’t forget to transfer your medical records and current prescriptions to your new town. Also, you will need school records to register your children as photocopies will not suffice.

  • Hidden Stash: Have you stashed away valuables or extra cash? Be sure to check every nook and cranny so that you don’t forget that money you had hidden for a rainy day or your family heirloom!

  • External Possessions: Don’t forget to pick up the items left at the dry cleaners or tailors. Also remember to return library books, movie rentals, and anything else you may have checked out or lent out.

  • New Address: Keep a copy in your wallet, because you will be asked this information repeatedly during your move and you may not have it memorized.

  • Mr. Clean: Leave some cleaning supplies out to do a once-over before permanently closing the door.

  • Garage Door Opener: Most people forget to remove this from their vehicles prior to moving. Remember to leave it for the new resident.

  • Keys: Make sure you leave the new resident all the copies of the house key. Don’t forget to pick them up from the neighbors, family members, or whomever you have given a spare key to. That includes the hidden key on the front porch!

  • Animals and Plants: Bernard Movers cannot move animals or plants, so please make arrangement for them!

  • Bank Accounts: It is always a good idea to open a checking account in your new town a month prior to arrival; this ensures you have immediate access to your funds. On occasion, retailers decline to cash “out of town” checks.


Customer Reviews

Marvin L.

“Awesome crew they [Bernard Movers] sent out. They moved me from a third floor apartment to my storage. They were quick and handled all my things with care.”

Richard G.

“I recommend Bernard Movers for anyone. I was given only three weeks to move from Chicago to New York [to] start my new job and Bernard Movers took a lot of stress out of this relocation experience … I had my two-bedroom apartment packed and onto the truck within three hours, then everything moved and unpacked neatly into my new place in New York after two days.”

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