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“I recommend Bernard Movers for anyone. I was given only three weeks to move from Chicago to New York [to] start my new job and Bernard Movers took a lot of stress out of this relocation experience … I had my two-bedroom apartment packed and onto the truck within three hours, then everything moved and unpacked neatly into my new place in New York after two days.” 

-Richard G.

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Neighborhood Highlight: Logan Square

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Logan Square Neighborhood

Logan Square is one of Chicago’s hottest neighborhoods, known for its artistic community. Photo: Katherine Leonard

Unlike other metropolitans, Chicago is a city of neighborhoods—unique areas with personality, community spirit and features that make it feel like home. Some of Chicago’s neighborhoods are well known throughout the city for their unique attributes, and even out-of-state visitors recognize some of them. Lincoln Park boasts fantastic shopping and nightlife. Hyde Park is known for its beautiful boulevards and culture. Bucktown is home to a creative, young crowd. Then there’s Logan Square—a relatively young neighborhood growing in popularity.

Earlier this year, Logan Square was named as one of the hottest neighborhoods in 2013 by Redfin. Already known for its prominent Latin influences and artists’ community, the neighborhood’s appeal continues to increase among hipsters, artists, 30-somethings and entrepreneurs.

Artists have long flocked to Logan Square; just read the recent Chicago Reader article titled “The migration of the hipster,” which details the history of hipsters and artists throughout the city. Today, Logan Square’s artistic community is sought after and inspiring. Nonprofits such as I AM Logan Square, South Logan Arts Coalition and the Logan Square Chamber of Arts focus on further cultivating the booming community through projects, festivals and events. Logan Square’s annual Milwaukee Avenue Arts Festival also draws a city-wide crowd to experience artists, musicians and more for a weekend.

Besides Logan Square’s pulsing art community, the neighborhood also supports a burgeoning foodie movement. Already known for its Latin food, Michelin-rated Longman & Eagle and renowned Lula Cafe, Logan Square has added to its food and bar repertoire in recent years. Visitors from far and wide stop by the gin joint Scofflaw, the craft cocktail bar Billy Sunday and fried chicken sensation Parson’s Chicken and Fish. The neighborhood’s taste for craft cocktails and tasty eats continues as the food and drink rumors continue to spread about what’s next for the area.

In addition to a nightlife that rivals Wicker Park and Wrigleyville, Logan Square also has a neighborly, at-home feel. Every Sunday, families descend on the Farmers Market. Wednesdays you may catch young and old camped out in front of the Comfort Station for an evening movie. And The 606 park project is spurring new excitement as construction begins on the 2.7-mile, multi-use recreational trail that borders the south side of the neighborhood.

Interest in investing in neighborhood also extends to the business world. Entrepreneurs and business owners not only choose to invest in Logan Square, but invest in multiple businesses as well. Owner and executive chef Matthias Merges owns both yakitori-inspired Yusho and bar Billy Sunday; Ann Kienzle opened both the toy store Play and gift store Shop 1021 along Milwaukee Avenue; and Esam Hani has owned Logan Square businesses for more than 12 years, including Latin brunch sensation Cafe con Leche (dinner locale D’Noche Restaurant at night), Red Star Liquors and the upcoming The Harding Tavern.

Whether you’re looking for artistic inspiration, a quick bite to eat or a place to start a family, the Chicago neighborhood of Logan Square has something for everyone.



Kate Hamilton is a digital strategist and founder of LoganSquarist a hyperlocal news website covering the Chicago neighborhood of Logan Square. Connect with her on Twitter @katemhamilton, LinkedIn, Facebook or .

Chicago Moving Tips: Moving With Pets

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Moving can be a stressful endeavor; when you add pets into the mix, that stress can escalate into all-out panic. Here are some tips for moving with pets that can do wonders in lowering difficulties on moving day.

The short distance guide to moving with pets

Cat in a box:  Moving with pets shouldn't be done with boxes

You could try to move your pet with a simple box, but we don’t recommend it. Neither does he.

If your move is an hour or less, the opportunity for disaster is greatly reduced. Still, there are some problems moving with pets that can be averted with these moving tips.

1. Gather all of your pet’s necessities into one box or a group of boxes, and mark them clearly.

This includes food and water bowl, litter box for a cat, dog bed, toys; anything that is necessary for that first night in the new home should be packed along with the animal for easy access.

2. Scope out the home beforehand and figure out where Fido will sleep. If your dog is destined for the backyard, ensure it is fenced properly with no holes that allow for an easy escape.

3.  If you have a smaller animal like a bird, rabbit or guinea pig, put him or her into a quiet place at first, even if that is not their permanent home. This allows them to get used to the smells and sounds of the new area without having too much at once.

The long distance move

If your move is over an hour long but does not include an overnight stay, here are some pet moving tips to help you on your way. The above moving tips also apply.

1. Get Fido used to car rides. Many animals associate being in the car with uncomfortable occasions; veterinarian visits, or being left at a boarding facility. You can help your dog or cat get comfortable with car rides by rewarding them with something instead of taking them somewhere “bad.” Take your dog to a dog park, or your cat around the block and right back home.

2. Ensure you have water and necessities in the car. For your dog, make sure you have easy access to a bowl for water (and bring water with you) and a leash to allow them to do their necessities; for a cat, make sure you have kibble and water to feed her as well.

The overnight move with pets

Travelling overnight? Here are some great moving tips to make sure everyone gets to their new home safely!

1. Research beforehand which hotels or motels you can stay in that allow pets. This allows you and Fido to be together, which will make for a much less stressful situation.

2. Schedule regular breaks so your dog or cat (and in turn, you) can stretch their legs.

3. If you are traveling via plane, you should contact your veterinarian to see about sedating your pet to make for a more comfortable ride.

Cesar Millan has some great moving tips for traveling with your dog.

Whether you are moving with Fido or any other pet, good luck to you and safe travels!

Carol Hansson is president and owner of Blossom Editing, a writing and editing company. You can find Carol on Facebook and on Twitter @blossomediting.

Written by Lynn Bernard. Find Lynn on .

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