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“I recommend Bernard Movers for anyone. I was given only three weeks to move from Chicago to New York [to] start my new job and Bernard Movers took a lot of stress out of this relocation experience … I had my two-bedroom apartment packed and onto the truck within three hours, then everything moved and unpacked neatly into my new place in New York after two days.” 

-Richard G.

How to Pack for A Move: What Comes First, Last

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The thought of packing and unpacking your home is tedious and can feel like a waste of time and energy, but it’s even worse if you don’t have a plan for how to pack.

After helping people moving in Chicago hundreds of times, we have learned a thing or two about how to pack for a move. Here are a couple simple checklists of the first three things you should pack and unpack to clear a little clutter and stress.

How to Pack:  The First Five Items

A couple hangs a television on a wall.

Don’t make your entertainment center a priority when you move. It will slow your progress on the rest of the house (and leave you irritated with people watching as you work!).

1. Seasonal Apparel and Accessories

It’s August in Chicago, and all your winter clothes have been stuffed into the crevices of your closet for months (and are hopefully months from seeing the light of day). Start with those, beginning at the back of your closet and moving towards the door – eliminating clutter while freeing up space to store boxes.

2. Holiday Decorations

Get these out of the way – they’re done for this dwelling!

3. Kitchen supplies

No, not everything (you still need to eat!), but you probably have a lot of tools, equipment, and gadgets that haven’t been used in months. Pack ‘em up!

Hone in on only using a regimented amount of plates and utensils for the week. Why stress over unwashed dishes when you have the entire kitchen to worry about?

4. Books

You’re not going to need these out of the blue, and packing them up is a great way to get a sense of satisfaction by seeing some empty shelves.

5. Outdoor Dressings

Garden tools should be packed up together. Grab a large bin for these, or tie them together with rope, then move them out of the way. Taking care of these messy items will allow you to clean away the areas of the house and outdoors that take more time.

First four things to unpack

When you don’t have a plan, your move can spin your life into chaos. Don’t go at it half-hazard, unpacking a box here, a box there in a stream-of-consciousness moving mess. Pick a room at a time and get it done! There’s no feeling like crossing an item off a list (OK, maybe it’s not that great, but it does give you a sense of progress).

1. Bed and Linens

With the stress of moving, you’ll want to get a good night’s sleep after a long day, so start with the bedroom. Get your bed set up and made, your basics unpacked, and get yourself feeling at home. It will go a long way toward making the rest of the unpacking easier.

2. Tool Kit

Keep your tool kit in the same room you are working in for the next couple of weeks. Stock it up before you move, and keep tools like your allen wrench, a drill, hammer and screws and nails easy to find – you’re going to need them. Digging around for the basics right after your move is going to drive you crazy!

3. Kitchen

The folks at Apartment Therapy said it best:

Get the kitchen entirely unpacked: no boxes, no delayed decisions, get it functional that first night and the whole rest of the unpacking and moving will be breeze by because you won’t be having to order out, you won’t have boxes on the counters, you won’t feel crazy every time you walk into this one room.

4. Bathroom Toiletries

Opening up fresh toiletries and placing them in your new bathroom can renew your spirits and help regain focus on the tasks at hand. Instead of saving your everyday products like toothbrushes and soaps, ditch the old the day of the move.

Do you have any tips for how to pack for your move? Share the great advice you have or that you’ve been given in the comments!

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Written by Maggie O’Keefe. Find Maggie on .

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