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“Awesome crew they [Bernard Movers] sent out. They moved me from a third floor apartment to my storage. They were quick and handled all my things with care.”

-Marvin L.


“I recommend Bernard Movers for anyone. I was given only three weeks to move from Chicago to New York [to] start my new job and Bernard Movers took a lot of stress out of this relocation experience … I had my two-bedroom apartment packed and onto the truck within three hours, then everything moved and unpacked neatly into my new place in New York after two days.” 

-Richard G.

The Sustainable Move: How to Green Your Move

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how to green your moveThe resources used up when we move add up to a big impact on the earth. Considering that the average American will move about 11 times in their life, we can make a big impact by being a little smarter with our moves. Here are four great ways you can become a darker shade of green.

Green Your Move

1. Plan ahead

Creating a plan for moving several weeks if not months in advance will help you save waste in many ways.

You’ll cut down on the number of trips to the store to get cleaning supplies, boxes, packing tape, tools and take care of all the errands associated with moving. Those small trips add up to dozens, if not hundreds of miles in the car. Save that gas and your time with a smart plan.

2. Re-use old boxes

Recycled cardboard boxA box is a box, yet many people pay good money for new boxes from a moving company, only to toss them in the recycling dumpster as soon as they’re empty. The average move uses about 60 boxes.

That’s a big waste of cardboard and money!

Boxes can be found everywhere. Head down the street to your local grocery store to find boxes of all sizes and give them a second go-round before they hit the recycling bin. Better yet, put your old boxes on Craigslist or offer them up for free, or give them back to the moving company.

What’s better than recycling? Re-using.

3. Prioritize

Yes, there’s some merit to taking on the low-hanging fruit first – packing the out-of-season clothes and tools – but your big savings for the planet will come with the more complicated decisions.

Start with an inventory of out-dated, out-of-use, or broken electronics. Drive around a city in moving season and you’re likely to see dumpsters full of electronics and furniture that could have been recycled. Unfortunately, people put off the dirty work till the last second and it was simply easier to toss these items in the trash.

If you start weeding out these items weeks or months in advance you won’t be stuck in the same boat, and you’ll feel better about it.

4. Donate

As with electronics, there’s no reason you should fill a dumpster with unwanted t-shirts and other clothing. Set a date to head to the resale shop or a clothing donation center. A couple bags of unwanted clothing may help another family, stay out of the trash, and lighten the load of your move.

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